Janette Wright


I am a mixed media painter and work intuitively, creating work that is expressionist and abstract. My life experience has many colours - deep blue, thick brown and dense black; yet there are sparks of orange, yellow and green - the colours of hope, delight and surprise.

My work gives shape to my inner spiritual world, feelings and beliefs. My inspiration flows form a place where I feel the immensity of creation, where I am a part of something bigger than myself. Through painting I share the invisible thread of trust I have in the Creator. 

The process of creating helps me to slow down, live consciously and connect more deeply with my world. When painting I don’t repeat what seems safe, I enjoy trying unpredictable things. My use of intense colour is intuitive, colour “feels”, it has a “sound” and it calls for a response. I listen to the sounds in the stillness. I am aware of the sun on my arms. I breathe deeply. I tune in to my senses which trigger memories of joy, sadness, wonder and loss - absorbing them into my consciousness. This is what I paint.

My work captures snippets of my life journey, I smell and feel the paint on my hands. As minutes and hours pass, I make mark upon mark. Colours, shapes and gestural marks form images, which then morph and become something else. The recognizable becomes abstract and eventually only an etherial element remains. Silent ghosts, memories, impressions - an essence of me.

The method? Just paint, “do it scared”, because the right moment or opportunity will never magically appear. Despite the fear of failure or being de-masked as “not a true artist” I will always work hard at becoming better and more authentic at what I do. 

My wish is that each viewer will have a unique encounter with my work and that when the ambiguous, enigmatic elements of the work reach down into their imagination, they may find an echo of themselves there.

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