A Second Chance to Fly Series

The series titled “A Second Chance to Fly” was birthed when I made a commitment to produce a final body of work, a last and special series of small works, to celebrate 2021 before the year-end.

I started the process by rummaging through my shelves and selecting old, dusty pieces of art on paper. These pieces were unfinished, discarded, failed and relegated to the “recycling pile”. The work had all gone through the initial stages of art making which means that I had started applying base colours, some line-work and texture, but had not taken them to a final stage where they had a cohesive compositional identity.

My theme circles around the landscape of Piketberg and the mountains above it. This is a special area as it is where my mother grew up. Since her childhood many families have lived, married, given birth, grown up, moved away and been replaced by newer generations, yet the landscape has remained the same. I tried to convery a feeling of time passing and family connections to the land, flighty memories and lovely old stories.

The re-used, discarded, failed and abandoned artwork had become part something new, telling a different story. I used dried protea leaves as stencils over which I sprayed aerosol paint, this concealed or revealed certain parts of the recycled art. I allowed some of the original marks to remain, while creating new shapes and textures overlaying the old. Fresh interest and creativity had given the pieces a second chance as the half-finished works became new finished artworks.

My process is intuitive and finds its inspiration in the open spaces away from city life.  What emerged in this creative process were flighty bird-like shapes. I decided to keep this as the visual theme for the series.
The paintings are smaller than my normal work, they are mounted on box frames and ready to hang. The work consists of twelve 20cm x 20cm works in oil on paper.

My art is for you, the viewer, the art lover, the one who wants an extra bit of joy and creativity in their home or office. My art is not complicated, it reflects my passion for creating and making, interpreting the workd around me. It is a visual journey, an experience into an alternate world, a break from reality if you will. My work is to be enjoyed and I hope to bring colour and positive creative energy into your space - wherever thet may be.

second chances #01

second chances #02

second chances #03

second chances #04

second chances #05

second chances #06

second chances #07

second chances #08

second chances #09

second chances #10

second chances #11

second chances #12

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