SECOND CHANCE TO FLY - a new series of small works

I have not sent out a newsletter since 2019, but thought it a good way to end 2021. So off to Mailchimp I went, telling my people about the last special series I created for 2021 as a challenge and a celebration. If you sign up for my quarterly news you can also share in my "pre-release" special on the 8th of December 2021.

I will be sending you a simple catalogue of the new work by the 8th of December. You can just look, browse, enjoy, or show others and give me feedback. I love hearing from you. The series titled "Second Chances to Fly" consists of work in oil on paper and on board. The paintings are smaller than my normal work, they are mounted on box frames and ready to hang (they measure 40cm x 40cm).

My art is for everybody, it is for you my friend or for the unknown viewer, the passionate art lover and the one who wants an extra bit of peace, joy and sparkle in their home or office. Art is a visual journey, for me the creator and you, the viewer. It is a sojourn in an alternate world, a break from reality if you will. My work is to be experienced and enjoyed and it will definitely bring colour and creative energy into your space!

This is a way for me to thank you for all your support throughout the year, for all the likes and positive comments on my social media. Thank you again, your support and encouragement means the world to me!


SECOND CHANCES SERIES episode 01 - a small works challenge

The series titled “A second chance to fly” started when I made a commitment to produce a final body of work before the end of 2021.

I started the process by rummaging through my shelves and selecting old, dusty pieces of art on paper. These pieces were unfinished, discarded, failed and relegated to the “recycling pile”. The work had all gone through the initial stages of art making which means that I had started applying base colours, some line-work and texture, but had not taken them to the stage where they had a cohesive compositional identity. 

I will reveal the progress on this page as I go along.

Thanks for visiting!




The beginning stages!

The pieces are of varying sizes, and finally I decided on a uniform 20cm x 20cm format. This is a nice, manageable size. Larger creations were cut down to size, while others were already that size. In the end I had ten possibilities. Ten half finished and discarded creations got a second chance at becoming a finished work of art. 


My theme circles around a King Protea that I had kept and dried. I used the leaves as stencils whereupon I sprayed aerosol paint to conceal or reveal certain parts of the recycled art. I allowed some of the original marks to remain, while creating new shapes and textures overlaying the old. 


This series born out of unfinished, discarded, failed from my “recycling pile”, whereupon the half finished and discarded creations got a second chance at becoming a finished work of art. 

What was before has become something different and telling a new story. The process is intuitive, as all my art is and finds its inspiration in the landscapes of the Western Cape. What emerged flighty bird-like shapes which made me decide that this was the thematic direction I would continue in. 




"Second Chances to Fly" consists of work in oil on paper and on board. The paintings are smaller than my normal work, they are mounted on ox frames and ready to hang (they measure 20cm x 20cm).


My process is intuitive and finds its inspiration in the open spaces away from city life.  What emerged in this creative process were flighty bird-like shapes. I decided to keep this as the visual theme for the series.
The paintings are smaller than my normal work, they are mounted on box frames and ready to hang. The work consists of twelve 20cm x 20cm works in oil on paper.

The artwork will be mounted on box frames and ready to hang.

I am making a limited edition of 5 prints per artwork available.


Well - the project is almost complete!

My twelve 20cm x 20cm works in oil on paper are finished and ready to be mounted on to their box frames. It has been quite a lot of hard work and I almost gave up a few times, but the reward lies in the completion of a task to get to the goal. And to do it as well as possible and enjoy the process. I found it quite hard to paint on the smaller scale, I tend to overwork the pictures, and then had to scrub off most of the paint and try again. This gives the work quite an "old" weathered feel.

The release is on on my website and social media on Friday 10 December 2021.

The artwork is mounted on box frames and ready to hang. There is a limited edition of prints of the artwork.


Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the admin that goes into recording the progress of the project and the capturing, cataloguing, pricing, writing up, and uploading of the final images. I have learn how to manage a a website (with help from someone...), I have learnt how to take reasonable photos and to edit them for social and website applications, I have learnt about marketing (that dreaded word), I have learnt how to schedule and plan AND I got some paintings done! Pat on the back for me!

Thank you for looking and I do hope that you enjoy the artwork! Remember that prints are available of the work - this is a very cost effective way to get some nice artwork in your house.



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