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“Quiet Ghosts of Delight and Disappointment"


Layers upon layers reveal what is and what was once underneath.

The journey of life takes each of us through a unique landscape of relationships and events. Our sojourn in life is much like being a passenger on a train that passes through changing scenery. Occasionally the train slows down enough for us to hop off, stretch our legs and take a moment to savour passing smells and sounds.

Compared to eternity, our lives and all they encompass make a small mark on the time-line of life, yet as we travel through, an ethereal element of our presence remains. Silent ghosts of things said, decisions made and actions taken. Some memories and life events are delightful and have caused abundant joy, yet others are echoes of pain and disappointment, and are clouded by sadness and loss.

As I create, this state of flux of life, the transient quality of the world, becomes visible. Layers of paint and texture ex­pose and conceal traces of something left behind, a remnant which is barely recognisable. There might be a ghost of a face or a landscape or elusive image that morphs and becomes abstract as colours, figures, faces, and nature form pictures on the canvas.

The ambiguous and enigmatic elements of my work reach far into each viewer’s imagination and they might just find an echo of themselves there.

Here is a convenient pdf with a bio, exhibition history and work write-up.

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